Thursday, November 15, 2012

Don't Look Under the Fridge

Hello family and friends!
This week has been pretty exciting. We've had tons of success finding new investigators, but when it comes to the second appointment, they haven't been holding up haha. On Tuesday Zoe went to mutual and had a lot of fun. It sounds like the young women really reached out to her. We helped a less active guy rake some leaves on Thursday, that was pretty fun. Saturday was a pretty big day. We started off with 2 different service projects, then we went home and showered. We had a lesson with Zoe at 3 and we brought one of the young women from the ward. She bore her testimony of the Book of Mormon, and it was a good lesson. At the end we committed her and her dad, Mark, to come to church the next day. They accepted but Mark said they'd probably only stay for sacrament meeting. The rest of the day we were knocking and doing some passby's with a member. We found four new investigators in less than 2 hours! It was a good day ha. On Sunday we had a service based on Remembrance Day. A military wife and Naval officer spoke. I think Mark and Zoe enjoyed it. Mark wanted to go but I think Zoe wanted to stay. Next time maybe they'll stay for the whole time. We have zone conference coming up this week. Should be good. Gotta run we have zone activity today.
Elder Oxborrow

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