Monday, February 25, 2013


Hello everyone!
It was a good week followed by an eventful, emotional weekend. We did a lot of knocking this week and we were able to find four new investigators. That was good for us since we've been on a bit of a dry spell with finding. We also did a lot of coordinating with the new sisters we received in our area since they opened the area last week and were starting from scratch. We also visited a few less actives and paid some visits to some people in the hospital.
On Saturday I got a letter from Zoe who was my main investigator in my last area who I worked with for over 4 months. She wrote to tell me she was getting baptized on the 23rd of Feb. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't really heard any news on her since I left and then next thing I knew she was getting baptized. I was pretty emotional for the rest of the day... and still am when I start thinking about it haha.
We also had transfer calls that night... and I'm staying in St. Foy but getting a new companion, Elder Leon. I've never met him but I hear good things about him. I got along really well with Elder Oviatt and I'll miss him but different companions means growing and learning different things. The mission's kind of crazy at this point. New areas are opening everywhere and a new Zone! I'm excited for the transfer though because a few friends from Ottawa are getting transferred to Quebec. Should be fun. We'll have a lot of missionaries in our apartment for the next couple days to accommodate for the companionships who live further out.
Love you all!
Elder Oxborrow

view from our apartment

Monday, February 18, 2013

Moved In

Hi everyone!
This week went quick. We finally moved into the new apartment and it's so nice! It actually has carpet! No one in Quebec has carpet and I don't know why but we do! I'm pretty excited about that haha. We live on the 8th floor so we also have a beautiful view of some of Quebec. This week we also worked with a lot of the recent converts and less actives like usual, but we also found two awesome new investigators. They're a younger couple from Morocco who are super nice. We met the wife first, and the first thing she did was offer us chocolate cake! Haha it was awesome.
The effects of the age change are going to start here this week when four new sisters arrive, and then there's another transfer the next week which means more missionaries. It's going to start getting hectic for a while but it should be fun. This upcoming transfer is only going to be three weeks long instead of six like usual. That's going to be weird. A lot of new areas will be opening and there will be a lot of trios in the mission until President Cannon can get all the apartments sorted out. We're lucky we were able to get into ours early due to the sisters coming into the area. Hope you're all doing well. We're just going through another cold spell here. Hopefully it's the last one.
Love, Elder Oxborrow

Monday, February 11, 2013


This week was an awesome week. Not only did it stop being so bitter
cold, but we had a baptism! Constance was baptized on Saturday and it
went very well. Everything got planned out well and members of the
branch helped out a lot. Yesterday she was confirmed by the branch
president, and then in relief society she taught the lesson! She's
definitely a solid convert. She's a perfect example of someone whose
life has been changed and blessed by the gospel.
Last Monday we had our Zone Activity at the Ice Hotel. It was pretty
sweet. They had a drumset made of ice with electric drum pads wired to
it. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. That night we had 10 missionaries
sleeping in our apartment. There was barely any room to move around.
I'm glad we're moving into a bigger apartment this week for when the
other missionaries come down. Tuesday was zone conference which was
good. President Cannon gave us some good trainings and talked about
preparing for all the new missionaries who will be coming in starting
next week.
Yesterday we were out knocking and this lady of about 60 opened the
door and quickly invited us in and told us to warm up. We could kind
of tell something was weird from the get go but she had us sit down on
her couch and started talking to us and for the most part a lot of
what she was saying was nonsense. She asked us where we were from and
how we got here... and then she asked the same questions like three
more times. We were both quite caught off guard and were wondering
what was going on when we saw some medication on her coffee table.
We're hoping it was just by accident that she took too much meds or
something. We had to tell her we had somewhere else to be and get out
of there ha. We might try back another time when hopefully she's more
normal. As a missionary, you tend to wish that the number of people
you meet who are 'interested' was equal to the number of people you
meet who are 'interesting'. Great week! Je vous aime!
Elder Oxborrow
P.S. I haven't sent pics for a while so it's a bit of a catch up this week.
1-Saying goodbye in Ottawa
2-At the army base in Quebec (the elders quorum president is in the military)

The rest- Ice hotel

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Cher Famille et amis,
Well January has come to an end, I'm hoping that means it will stop being bitter cold and start being just cold. Today I think we've got a wind chill of -36 or something so I guess I'll keep hanging tight. It was a very busy week. We had visits with a lot of less actives, and didn't have a lot of time to find new investigators. Our main investigator Constance, however, is doing very well. Yesterday she got up and bore her testimony about how much of a blessing the Gospel is in her life and how grateful she is for her friend who told her to look into it. Her baptism is this Saturday and we're all super excited for her.
The other day we were on the bus to head back to our apartment and a kid sat down across from us wearing a coat with a `Powder Mountain` patch on it. It took me a minute to process it but once it sunk in I asked him if he had been to Utah. Turns out him and his dad had gone on a ski trip there a while back. That was pretty cool. I told him I was from there so we talked about the different resorts and stuff for a while then we told him who we were and why we were there and he thought that was pretty cool. We didn't get his number or address but it was still cool. Then just a couple nights ago we were on the bus and a couple girls got on and they were speaking English so we asked where they were from and they were both from Western Canada and they were here for a speed skating competition. Turns out, one of them had also been to Utah for a competition and visited the temple and everything! So she had heard of us because of that. She was leaving Quebec the next day so we weren't able to set up an appointment but hopefully we sparked more of an interest for her in the future.
We found a new apartment this week and it's super nice! We're just waiting for the mission to get all the appliances and stuff in there so we can move in. Today's our Zone Activity so we've got 10 missionaries staying in our current apartment tonight. It's going to be packed. We're going to see the ice hotel today! I'll send pictures next week. Should be cool.
Love, Elder Oxborrow