Monday, February 25, 2013


Hello everyone!
It was a good week followed by an eventful, emotional weekend. We did a lot of knocking this week and we were able to find four new investigators. That was good for us since we've been on a bit of a dry spell with finding. We also did a lot of coordinating with the new sisters we received in our area since they opened the area last week and were starting from scratch. We also visited a few less actives and paid some visits to some people in the hospital.
On Saturday I got a letter from Zoe who was my main investigator in my last area who I worked with for over 4 months. She wrote to tell me she was getting baptized on the 23rd of Feb. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't really heard any news on her since I left and then next thing I knew she was getting baptized. I was pretty emotional for the rest of the day... and still am when I start thinking about it haha.
We also had transfer calls that night... and I'm staying in St. Foy but getting a new companion, Elder Leon. I've never met him but I hear good things about him. I got along really well with Elder Oviatt and I'll miss him but different companions means growing and learning different things. The mission's kind of crazy at this point. New areas are opening everywhere and a new Zone! I'm excited for the transfer though because a few friends from Ottawa are getting transferred to Quebec. Should be fun. We'll have a lot of missionaries in our apartment for the next couple days to accommodate for the companionships who live further out.
Love you all!
Elder Oxborrow

view from our apartment

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