Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sugar Shack and Quebec

Hey y'all!
Sorry I wasn't able to write yesterday all the libraries were closed so we had to move our e-mails to today. Last Monday was awesome. We were in Québec for a zone activity so I got to stay the night in my old area (Ste. Foy). I was able to visit a couple old friends while I was there. It's crazy to think that It's been a year since I was serving there. Tuesday was our Zone Training Meeting followed by interviews with President Patrick. It went well. The first thing he said was "Just to clarify, this is not your exit interview" good to know I'll still have one more interview with him before I go home haha.
This week we did a bit more searching for service opportunities. It's been very hard to find in this area especially. No seems to need or want our help ha. We may have found a couple openings this past week though. We'll see how it plays out. I think the highlight of our week was church on Sunday. Pierre is in Québec City but his wife Anita and the three kids came with their mom for the first time! It was way cool. We also had Marc at church again for the second week in a row. Yesterday he even come to the family home evening group that we do. We're starting to see a lot of good happening in the area.
Yesterday for our p-day we went to a "Cabane à Sucre", or as they call it in English, "Sugar Shack". You may remember when I went last year. Basically there are cabins in the woods that open up every spring time when maple starts running through the maple trees. You go there and they give you a traditional meal with an endless supply of real maple syrup. It is delicious. It was a slight break from our no sugar diet haha. I am happy to say that I didn't have any chocolate on Easter though.
I'm loving the people and loving the work. I learn more and more every day. Sometimes I catch myself fearing that I won't learn all I need to by the time I go home but then I remind myself that our progress is eternal. We all need to make consistent efforts every day no matter where we are in life. I'm cherishing every moment.
Love you all!

Elder Oxborrow

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