Monday, July 8, 2013

Living in the Car...

Hello everyone!
It was a very fast, out of the ordinary week. After Canada Day on Monday and P-day on Tuesday last week, we left for Ottawa so the Zone Leaders could go on splits with me Wednesday. The Elders we stayed with have a tennis court right outside their door so my good friend Elder Prawitt and I used our exercise time in the mornings to go hit some tennis balls. Splits on Wednesday was fun. I was with Elder Fronk who runs cross country and track for BYU, so we didn't have a hard time finding something to talk about. It was fun working in the city for a day. After being in an outside area for a couple months I forgot what it was like to have people to talk to all around me. It's hard to find a lot of people to talk to in a smaller area, especially when no one's home. In the city areas you just walk outside and can start talking to people. Thursday was zone study and we only got about 1/3 of the way through before President Patrick (who none of us had met) walked in and basically took over haha. He said something like "Hello everyone, I'm President Patrick. I'll be taking over the rest of your zone study." He has 4 kids who will be living in Montreal for the next 3 years. The rest of his kids are on missions or in their careers. Sister Patrick made a delicious batch of cookies and shared a strong testimony. Afterwards, we all ate lunch and then it was off to Val d'Or, Quebec! We left around 3:30 and got there around 9:30. It was quite the drive but it was beautiful. Literally thousands of lakes spot the whole area on the way up. Friday we were working in their area. I was on splits with Elder Smith from Lehi, Utah. He and I were in the MTC together and we had a lot of fun talking about all the common friends we had from Lehi. Saturday morning rolled around and it was finally time to head back to our area. it was about 300 miles from Val d'Or to Pembroke. If you're thinking we spent a lot of time in the car this week, you're right. Pembroke, Ontario--Ottawa, Ontario--Val d'Or, Quebec--Pembroke, Ontario. I'm not sure exactly how many miles we went but I do know it was a lot ha. I enjoyed the beautiful views though. Saturday and Sunday we were basically trying to play catch up with everything and everyone. This week we should be able to get back into the swing of things. Love you all!
Elder Oxborrow

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