Monday, September 3, 2012

Another Great Week!

Hello family and friends!
First off I'd like to say thanks for the letters! I'm working on writing back, but P-day is often one of the busiest days of the week. Well Everything has continued to go well. After the baptism last week we don't have anymore serious investigators which means we've been doing a lot of finding this week. I'm learning to like knocking doors more and more. Especially when it works. We also tried to visit a lot of less actives this week... which turned out to be equally as adventurous as knocking. We have a list of less actives so sometimes we just drop by the ones we're close to so we can introduce ourselves. So we were doing that one day and we knocked and a Haitian lady came out and started speaking French. We told her we saw her name on our list. Turns out her daughter who used to live there is a member but her and her husband are Jehovah's Witnesses. So she invited us in (most Haitians do) and after a long religious discussion, she offered us some orange juice and we left. A few days later, we were doing some less active hunting again and we knocked a door and a kind looking lady opened it. The first thing she said was "Oh they're not home but we're the more active side of the family." Apparently the couple who lived there were downtown getting things ready for their daughter's wedding, but all the extended family from Toronto was at their house. So after being fed by them and finding out a little more about the family, we headed off. You never know what's going to happen when you knock on a door haha. Hope all is well for all of you!
Elder Brenden Oxborrow

P.S. The last address I sent was only mostly right. So don't worry letters still got here, but here's the more accurate one.

Elder Brenden Oxborrow
3231 Steeple Hill Crescent
Richmond, ON K0A-2Z0

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