Monday, August 19, 2013

News from Canada

Hey everybody!
Elder Wright and I had a lot of fun this week. We were able to finally find some new investigators (after a draught of a couple weeks)! It's always a relief to expand the teaching pool. In other news, there's a family from Idaho staying up here because of a work contract and their job is paying for them to stay in a beach front cabin on the Ottawa River. They had us over for dinner on Tuesday and I didn't wanna leave. It was fun talking to them about back home (the mom used to live in Garland). How I miss that accent haha. Transfer calls are a week from Saturday. Transfers go faster and faster every time. Today we've got some car cleaning and apartment cleaning to do since we'll have car inspections at zone conference tomorrow. We're heading down to Ottawa tonight and staying at the Fallowfield apartment! Oh the memories haha. I'm thinking about maybe stopping by some of my old investigators and converts over there if I get permission... it would be good to see them. Hope you're all enjoying the final phases of Summer! Winter comes fast haha. Ayez du fun!

Elder Oxborrow

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