Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Hey everyone!
It was great to Skype home yesterday! Seems like the family is all doing well. It's funny how people don't stop growing just because I'm away. This week was very fruitful with a couple of cool stories as well. The first success of the week was we found a lot of future service opportunities. President Cannon has really been pushing for service in the smaller towns like ours and we had been struggling to find it. We'll probably start volunteering at a soup kitchen and a couple other things pretty soon.
On Wednesday we went to pass by a family that we had met a while a good. We just dropped in and they happened to be getting ready for dinner. As soon as they opened the door they invited us in to eat with them ha. Usually when we pass by someone it's just so we can set up another time to come by since they're usually busy when we pass by. We were completely unprepared to be invited in for dinner haha. It was really awesome to meet such a caring family. So we had burgers with them and we found out they when they used to live in Virginia, some of their best friends were members. It's ALWAYS a breath of fresh air to meet people who have already known members in the past. We gave them a Book of Mormon and bore testimony of it. They invited us over for dinner again next week.
The other really cool experience from this week was yesterday before we skyped home. We drove up to a little town called Chalk River since there was a less active member listed on the ward list up there. We figured we'd try to go meet him. When we got to the town, we realized that his full address wasn't even on the list. We tried to call the number but there was no answer. We started knocking doors for a little bit but few people were home. Elder Boehme and I took a pause to evaluate the situation. Something drew us down the highway that ran through the town. As we were walking, a group of 7 or 8 kids came towards us. They were kind of a troubled looking bunch ha. Baggy clothes and cigarettes. When we got close enough they slowed down to talk to us. Sure enough, one of them was our less active friend that we had gone to visit. We talked with them for a few minutes. One of the friend's mom is also a member and has known a lot of missionaries in the past. We took down their info and we'll go pay them a visit again in the future. It was super cool. Sometimes following the spirit makes you feel pretty sheepish and you realize afterwards what you were being led to do.
Love you all!

Elder Oxborrow

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