Monday, June 17, 2013

Full Week

Hello everyone!
It was a full week. On Tuesday We had a few lessons in the afternoon before heading out to Ottawa for the transfer. I enjoyed seeing everyone in the zone. Sometimes it's lonely serving in a far away area ha. On Wednesday I said goodbye to Elder Boehme and then we went and worked with some of the Ottawa elders until the incoming missionaries showed up. When they showed up, Elder Wright and I headed back for Petawawa. We had a dinner appointment and a couple appointments Wednesday night before heading back to the apartment. Sunday was Brandon's baptism! We were super excited for that. On Saturday night we were hammering out some final details when we found out the branch president had injured his achilles tendon so he wouldn't be able to baptize Brandon. I ended up baptizing him as well as leading the music and saying the closing prayer. I felt like I was on the program way too much haha but it's all good and it was an awesome experience being able to baptize him. The sad thing is we forgot to take pictures. :( That's ok.
So my new companion is super cool. He is from a lot of places since his dad is in the Air Force. Most recently he's from Alaska, but not the same place I was in.
We're losing President Cannon at the end of this month. That's going to be super weird.
The pictures are:
The wedding on the 8th

A failed ad we got in our mailbox haha

Elder Wright's birthday!

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