Monday, June 3, 2013


Hey everybody,
It's been a hot, humid week here next to the Ottawa River. It's like instant sweat right when you walk outside. Riding bikes makes it even better. Eventually you just accept that your shirt is going to be wet and stay that way. One night we helped a lady in the branch mow her lawn since her husband is away on a military assignment. I've always wanted to mow someone's lawn in proselyting clothes haha. It was awesome. We've started a little service project of garbage cleanup, and we found a frog while we were doing it (see photo)! He was pretty cool but he was scared of us so we let him go. One of the cool things about this area is that a lot of the members have beautiful homes on the river or lakes. This week we had a dinner appointment at one family's place with a beach on the river (see photo). It was pretty sweet. It seems like everyone here lives in vacation homes haha. The mission has been focusing a lot lately on the amount of people we're able to contact each day and one thing Elder Boehme and I have found is that if we go somewhere like the park, we can talk to a lot more people in a lot less time than if we were knocking doors. Sometimes, we happen to be at the park right when the sun is setting which makes for some beautiful views (see photo).
Our investigators are doing well. Brandon is getting married and baptized on Saturday! And then we have transfer calls that night haha. That's going to be a crazy day to be a missionary. We're excited though.
We're heading down to Ottawa tonight for zone study tomorrow. I'm excited to get mail and see the other missionaries. I've been spoiled in my past areas since we were always around a lot of other missionaries. This is my first outlying area. Oh yeah, one more story from this week. So we were knocking doors one day and we knocked on this door and a 20 something year old girl came out and told us she wasn't interested at all. We kept going. A couple days later we went to her neighbor's house (an investigator) to teach him. Part way through the lesson, she happened to show up at his house so we invited her to sit down. She ended up being super cool and down to earth and we have another appointment set up with her. Just goes to show how finding through friends is a lot more effective than knocking doors haha. It's easy for people to shoe us off even if they might have some interest, but when it's a better situation they're usually more willing to chat.
Anyway, I'm still alive and doing well. Oh and you don't have to feel bad about not sending me something last week it's not a big deal. It was just another day like any other.

Love, Elder Oxborrow

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