Monday, September 30, 2013

News from Quebec!

Dear everyone who reads this,
We had a fun week this week. Time is going faster than it ever has for me on my mission so far. It's crazy. I feel like I just found out I was coming to Trois Rivières and now transfer calls are a week from Saturday. It's probably because it's an awesome area and I'm in a 4-man appartment with 3 other awesome missionaries.
This week was good because we met a few of the people that the sisters had been teaching who we had previously had a hard time getting a hold of. We also had some great lessons with a member who is returning to activity (and I gave him a haircut haha). We did a lot of service this week which was good. Sometimes it scares me when I see how quickly my mission is slipping away. Time flies.
So I think my favorite story from this week comes from when we were doing service in our branch mission leader's yard and these 2 little girls from the neighbor's house came out and started pestering us. Their main target quickly became Elder Yan. After trying to attack him for a few minutes, they went home and came back out with some combination of water, soy sauce, and who knows what else. When they got to where we were they said "Où est le Chinois?" which means where is the Chinese one? When they found him they started trying to throw the Soy Sauce concoction at him and even though he's quick he wasn't able to avoid the flying sauce. After they left, he said in anger, "They attacked me with my own food!" Haha it was pretty hilarious. To make matters worse, he is a germophobe (or as he calls it, "cautious") and since a couple drops of the stuff got in his mouth, the whole way home he kept telling us he thought he was sick. After reassuring him that he would be ok, the last thing he said was "Ok, maybe if I survive this then I will feel safe washing my hands a little bit less frequently." Haha so that's my story for the week. Hope you're all enjoying fall! Canadian fall colors are awesome.

Love, Elder Oxborrow

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