Monday, January 13, 2014

January news from T.R.

Hey everybody!
It's warm up here! After some killer cold we've been on a warm spell. It's been nice cause it's taken down some of the snow pack and melted some of the ice. I heard it's supposed to get super cold again soon though. Last year at this time I just remember pretty much freezing everytime I stepped outside and today I was ready to switch to a lighter jacket. We'll enjoy it while it lasts I guess.
So this past week was transfers! I successfully dropped off Elder Yan (it was sad) and picked up my new companion. Elder Read is from San Diego. He's a stud. He started his mission in Africa but tore his maniscus so had to go home for surgery. He got reassigned and spent 2 transfers in the YSA branch in Montréal and now he's here with me. We've been enjoying it. I'll have to write more about the area next week.
Love you all!

Elder Oxborrow

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