Monday, January 6, 2014

News and New Year from Trois Rivieres

Hey everybody!
I'm doing great even after a bit of a down week. We had some drama among members in the branch which caused 2 recent converts as well as an investigator to not make it to church on Sunday, but other than that we had a good week and some good lessons with our investigators.
We had transfer calls Saturday and I'm staying here but losing Elder Yan. I've loved this guy since we first met back in September and I'm a bit sad to be losing a good companion but we knew it would happen eventually. He's going to a Chinese area where his language skills are needed. He's a bit nervous since he'll be senior companion and he doesn't know how to read Chinese, just speak it. It'll be a good learning experience for him though. As for our apartment I'll be receiving Elder Read (who I don't know) as well as another team who will be joining the apartment, making it a 4-man again. Transfers are always full of mixed feelings.
I got the package from you dad, as well as a bunch of Christmas cards from family and friends. Better late than never. :)
Today the weather is pretty crummy. We had a warm spell last night and it's been raining for hours which has just put a layer of water on top of all the ice which is pretty scary.
I'm doing and feeling well. Love you all!

Elder Oxborrow

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