Monday, March 10, 2014

March in Canada

Well it was another exciting week. Not sure if I mentioned this last week but Half way through our p-day last week we got a call from Elder Ahrets (Senior missionary over cars) telling us we had to drive in that day to Montréal to get our car replaced. Kind of destroyed our p-day but hey, we got a new car so you can't complain. The Malibu wasn't the greatest for Winter.
So Tuesday was quite the day. We had an early combined bithday dinner for Me and Stéphane. His birthday is on the 12th. We decided that we would allow a one-day exception to our sugar fast to celebrate (see photo). Elder Read and I slightly over-estimated the amount of desserts we would be able to eat. After eating a bit of ice cream and cookies, we just felt way too full. I was excited to get back on the no sugar regiment afterwards.
Elder Read got picked up on Wednesday for his knee surgery on Thursday. It went well and he's staying in Montréal for a week or so. I've been in a trio with the other elders in the apartment since Wednesday. It's been busy covering both of our areas but I've enjoyed being able to visit the people I worked with when I covered all of Trois Rivières.
Probably one of the most exciting things this week was when I got to see my old MTC companion Elder Hansen (see photo) who I haven't seen since August 1, 2012 when we arrived in the mission.
Thursday we helped a member put in a railing and do some other work on her staircase. On Friday we had a lesson with some Columbians and they fed us some good Columbian food. I wish I could speak more Spanish.
On Sunday I gave a talk on Seeking the Spirit. Afterwards we had branch council and then we stopped by the funeral for Stéphane's dad. He had some good support from the members of the branch. I learned a pretty big lesson while we were there. Stéphane's sister is semi-famous in Québec because she was a finalist on "La Voix" (French version of "The Voice"). I don't mean to judge, but it just seemed that a lot of her friends at the funeral were very materialistic and saw it as more of a social gathering. Meanwhile, Stéphane was having meaningful conversations and sharing memories with those who were close to him. It made me realize a bit about what matters most in this life. None of our earthly possessions will come with us when we go, but the friends we have and the lessons we learn will.
I've been learning so much lately and I only hope I can continue the trend. I love the people I've been blessed to work with and I'm starting to feel at home here. It's hard to believe I've already been here for over 6 months.
I love you all and hope this finds you well!

Sincerely, Elder Oxborrow

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