Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bonjour, tout le monde!

It's been a fun/crazy week. I've had fun adjusting to my new companion. He's a big help for me since he has a good memory of what we plan for lessons haha. He doesn't speak the language specifically well but he always does his best and always remembers what we have planned for the lessons (when I sometimes forget). Saturday was the start of the training of all the new mission presidents who will be serving in various missions. That takes place here at the MTC, and is done by the general authorities, therefore, the main building is pretty much on lockdown. That also means that the dining hall got cut in half, and is much less capable to handle the growing number of missionaries here. On sunday the line for dinner extended far outside the doors of the building. That part isn't fun, but it has definitely been a strong spirit here knowing the general authorities are among us. I'm pretty sure we're going to be hearing from either an apostle, or a member of the first presidency tonight at the devotional. It's crazy trying to get a good seat. We go a half hour early to line up, and I'm pretty sure we're the last ones there. This morning a member of our district flew out to San Francisco for his visa, and all but three of us (including me) in the district will get to do this. I don't get to go since I don't need one for Canada. This morning we did a session for Elder Guymon's (Elder Alex Munns' companion) family names. It was the last temple trip I'll have here since the temple will be closed down starting this week through the end of July. On Sunday night after the fireside they showed a video of a talk given by Elder Bednar a few years ago at the MTC called the Character of Christ. It was crazy how much it inspired me. He talked about Christ's tendency to turn outward when the natural man wants to turn in and seek self pity. He gave the example of Christ's infinite suffering in the garden, followed by finding his disciples had fallen asleep on him, followed by finding that he had been betrayed; and after all this, the first thing he thinks to do is heal the soldier's ear who was there to take him captive. So incredible. It's really the first time I've heard a talk and consciously pondered about how I could apply it to my every day life. It was a great experience. Well all is well here. Still learning as much as I can. Love you all. Love, Elder Brenden Oxborrow

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  1. He's already teaching and he's not even in the field yet! I'm going right now to read Elder Bednar's talk. I need it! Thank you for sharing.