Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week 3: "Sometimes I close my eyes and picture myself in a fireside when I want to sleep"

Dear Family and friends,
Three weeks down and only six more to go... It's going so fast yet so slow. It's been a fast week since last Tuesday. The days are starting to go faster and faster. It's also been a pretty eventful week. About last Wednesday, my companion Elder Rice had started having some appointments with a doctor here. Just a few days later on Friday, he found out he was being sent home so he could get taken care of. We were both pretty shocked. He had been such a blessing for me since I arrived here. He had great study habits which were exemplary for me and exactly what I needed. He flew back out to Oregon Saturday morning. The district misses him. As for me I got put into a triple companionship for a couple days, and this morning I was paired up with a new companion, Elder Garcia. He's a cool guy and I think we'll get along pretty well. He's from St. George (Desert Hills HS), and did a semester at Dixie before coming on his mission. He has been here three weeks longer than I have, but his old district got here three weeks before he did, so they all just left for the field. He will be serving in New Caladonia, and from pictures I've seen, I'm pretty jealous. His only concern is the spiders there which grow larger than a person's hand haha. I've been continuing to teach discussions in French about six times a week. Our two "Amis en progres" (progressing investigators) are played by our teachers, Brother Sybrowski, and Sister Lindsey. They both served in Montreal. The roles they play are from investigators they taught from their missions. The other lessons we teach are to volunteers who happen to know french (usually RM's). I haven't taught with my new companion yet since he's been my companion since this morning and it's P-day. I'm not yet sure what level his french is at but hopefully we'll work well together. It's been pretty hot this week. I kinda wish it would rain, but it does feel good in the morning and at night (for the 30 seconds it takes us to walk from our classroom to our residence hall). I'm realizing that for me the biggest sacrifice of coming on a mission is music. I miss music haha. We're not allowed to even listen to Motab or anything like that until we get to the field. Still enjoying it and taking it all in. Feel free to write!
Elder Brenden Oxborrow

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