Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First letter. Week 1: MTC.

Hello All!
It has been a great, busy, spiritual, amazing week I've had so far at the MTC. The spirit is so strong here and I love feeling it every day. Wednesday seems like it was at least a month ago. Since then I've done so much. On Wednesday we received our companions. Mine is Elder Rice from Oregon. He is very studious and pensive. He is good at concentrating on the task at hand which helps me to remember to stay focused. Wednesday night I didn't sleep well (probably because I haven't gone to bed at 10:30 since I was like 10), but I've been able to sleep well since then. Thursday we had a meeting at which we all got called out individually for an interview. After all the interviews, they called the district leaders for the new districts, and I happened to get called to be one of them! My district consists of 8 elders and we all get along well. I have been praying for help in my added responsibilities as district leader. Our district is the one with the most french experience of the new districts. Some of the elders have had not only 4-5 years of high school french, but also at least a full year of college french classes as well. Since I first arrived, My companion and I have taught 3 all French discussions to a french guy named Chris. I feel that they've all gone very well. I've been able to start saying all my prayers in french, and on sunday I was able to bear my testimony in French. It's been awesome to feel the difference in listening to talks and watching church movies here when I'm constantly striving to have the spirit as opposed to at home when I was probably more distracted. We get to have 50 minutes of gym time 5 days a week which I thoroughly enjoy. Nothing like a little 3 on 3 to shake out between sitting in a chair all day. Running out of time so gotta run. Au revoir! Je vous aime!

Elder Oxborrow

P.S. Please feel free to write as I can only use e-mail once a week and everyone loves letters here at the MTC. An easy way to write is by using dearelder.com. you don't even have to use a pen but I still get a real life piece of paper with words on it! ;)

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