Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Conference!

Dear family and friends,
Hope you all enjoyed conference as much as I did! It's great to have men leading this church who are so close to the Lord. Plus, I hear a got some airtime during a program in between sessions. I though that was pretty cool. Our district watched the clip this morning, and I think Sister Landeen is probably feeling like a celebrity by now haha. She's an awesome missionary who likes to have fun and work hard. It's awesome they showed the story of her and her family.
Last Monday some members in the Quebec ward took us all to a Cabane à Sucre which means "Sugar Cabin" and basically it's a place where you go to eat an unlimited amount of food with an unlimited amount of homegrown Canada maple syrup! It was delicious. It's pretty cool the way they harvest the maple syrup. They tap into the trees and hook up hoses between them all (see photos), then boil down the liquid so it thickens to the point where it's syrup. Delicious all natural syrup that I never even knew existed before I got here haha. The rest of the week also went well. On Tuesday our English class students brought us donuts as a thank you which was super cool. Most of them are at least in their 50s and very kind. We also had splits this week with the zone leaders which went well. I worked in their area for about a day and a half. Friday was Zone Study which means there were some other missionaries staying at our aparment Thursday night. We also had interviews with president as part of Zone Study. We didn't talk about too much other than him giving me some stretching ideas to help out with sore feet. I feel like I'm probably not the funnest person to interview since I don't always have too much to say haha.
Today we hit up Costco for our groceries and stocked up. We don't have too much money left for the month but we're hoping the masses of food we got will carry us through haha. Doing well and having fun!
Love, Elder Oxborrow
P.S. Here's the link to the clip that showed after conference in case anyone missed it:

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