Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy birthday Dad! Happy Easter everyone! Other than that, this week wasn't too out of the ordinary. One big event this week was I switched from my big coat to my lighter jacket. That's always a good sign. Today I'm back to the coat though since it's gotten a little colder outside. It's warm enough to be raining today though. We had a beautiful day for Easter, and good church meetings as well. The family we usually eat with on Sundays wasn't at church so we weren't going to have anywhere to eat (which isn't a problem except for the fact that our fridge is empty), but one of the single brothers in the branch happened to invite us over for dinner so we had a great easter dinner with him. The biggest miracle we saw this week was from one of our less active brothers. He has been struggling for a while with smoking, drinking, and some emotional problems. In the past he has only accepted visits from the missionaries, and turned away a lot of the members. The miracle was that this week two members stopped by and he let them in. Their visit with him changed his whole perspective on things and helped him gain a desire to quit smoking and drinking for good. He was reminded of the great spirit that was in his life while he was active in the church, and he realized he needs to do whatever he can to get that feeling back again. We taught him about applying the scriptures and taking things from what he reads. The spirit was strong there.
Happy Easter again! At this time I've had opportunities to reflect on the resurrection of our Savior, and remember all that he has done for us because of his love for us. Our goal should be to share that love with those around us in any way that we can. Love you all!
Love, Elder Oxborrow
P.S. The photos are from a couple weeks ago when we took the boat across the St. Laurent on p-day.

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