Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15

Hey everyone!
I loved hearing about Morgan's baby blessing! Wish I could have been there but it was good to see a lot of the family was able to make it.
It was a bit of a slow week accompanied by two days of snow storms. It's quite a bit warmer today though which is good. I've decided it's just a bad idea altogether to guess when the last snowfall is, because you're always wrong haha. We had a hard time seeing our investigators this week due to finals coming up and stuff.
On Friday we gave blood which was fun. It's a good way to do service while still having opportunities to talk with people. Saturday we didn't have a lot planned so we had a good three hour chunk of knocking time. This morning we played some Risk at the Elders quorum president's house and then he took us to lunch at the restaurant at the army base. It was pretty cool. Not too much to report this week and I don't have much time but I'm doing well and love you all!

Love, Elder Oxborrow

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