Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Winter

Hey everybody!
It's starting to feel a bit like Christmas... Just got a French Christmas album today so that will help set the mood. Sounds like it's been pretty cold back home. It actually wasn't too bad up here this week. It stayed above freezing a couple days. When January and February come we won't want to step outside though. Our branch Christmas party is going to be the 20th and we're getting a song ready to play with one of the members we visit. I'll try to record it so I can send it home.
This week we had splits with the zone leaders and I stayed in my area with Elder Stillwell who was actually in the MTC with me. I hadn't seen him much since then so it was cool to catch up. We had an appointment with our investigator Jean-Phillipe. At first it was kind of hard to read him and we were having a hard time getting the Spirit into the lesson. We kind of stopped talking and decided to ask him about his life a bit and he started opening up a little bit about his trials and what he was going through. It turned the lesson in a good direction and the Spirit became more present. Marcel Croteau is one of our other main investigators we've been working with. He's actually and excommunicated member who has been working super hard to get back. He's so close! He's already met with the Stake President and is awaiting the date for his disciplinary council. We see him a couple times a week. The only thing he's struggling with a bit at this point is smoking. He's trying so hard but he has a puff here and there. Be sure to pray for him.
So we've already received multiple invitations for dinner around the week of Christmas so we'll be well taken care of!
Love you all! Enjoy the snow!

Elder Oxborrow

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