Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey Everybody!
I hope everybody had an awesome Christmas. Elder Yan and I had a great week and truly realized how blessed we are to be missionaries. People reached out and showed love for us in so many ways it was crazy.
On Christmas Eve we ended up helping a Sister fix her tempo (temporary shed thing) since some of the poles had collapsed from all the snow. That night we had a dinner appointment with the Morin family and extended family. It was a fun environment with good food and good people. After we ate dinner and the family passed out gifts, we shared a message from Luke chapter 2 about the shepherds' reaction to learning of the birth of the Savior. It's interesting how sharing the message was one of the first things they did. On the 25th we had a couple visits before going to the Lambert family's to skype and have dinner. We also played some card games and after dinner played some hockey in the road. Although being American and not Canadian is an automatic disadvantage for me, I still managed to score some goals.
On Friday we had a really cool opportunity. There's a recent RM in the branch who got home just the week before Christmas, and he's the only member of the church in his family. Before he left on his mission, his parents had met missionaries but never really had any visit with them. On Friday we had dinner at their house! They were an awesome family and really enjoyed talking about our mission experiences since we are doing the same thing their son had been doing for the past two years. His mom even asked us if we have a lot of investigators haha. They were super cool. Hopefully they will start opening up to learning about the gospel soon.
I loved seeing the family and a few of the grandparents through skype. I'm grateful for all the support from everyone and the love that's been shown to me! Love you all, and Happy New Year!

Elder Oxborrow

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